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The last year has been tumultuous and emotional. COVID-19 has kept us physically distant from our friends and loved ones, and political discourse has resulted in a nationwide conversation about the need for inclusion and diversity.

Now, the hard work of recovering and healing begins to turn these challenges into opportunities by working together and putting aside our differences so that we can find creative and effective solutions to make our community better for everyone. This work requires decisive and thoughtful leadership. That’s why Virginia Chang Kiraly is running for District 3 Supervisor.

Virginia knows we can meet the challenges we face – but it starts with “US.”



Protecting Our Environment

Keeping Our Community Affordable & Accessible

Reigniting Our Economy


Keeping Our Community Safe

Keeping Our Community Healthy

Protecting Our Homes Against Fires and Drought

Holding Our Leaders Accountable

Respecting All Our Neighbors

Meet Virginia

Virginia Chang Kiraly for Supervisor 2022 Virginia Chang Kiraly for Supervisor san mateo county board of supervisors district 3 virginia chang kiraly

Virginia Chang Kiraly has extensive experience in both the public and private sectors. Following a 15-year career in financial analysis, planning, and investments, she was appointed by the then-Governor to the California Commission for Economic Development, where she served from 2008–2014.

She has continued serving our community in elected office on both the Menlo Park Fire Protection District since 2011 and the San Mateo County Harbor Board of Commissioners since 2015. She is proud to be the first Asian-American woman to serve on both boards.

Virginia is also a former concert pianist, a wife, mother, community volunteer, and the child of Chinese immigrants.

Let’s face our challenges together and meet the moment by uniting and working towards solutions that benefit everyone in our community.